About Us

Eduethic.com is the ultimate destination for students to make their college selection process, a more relaxed affair. We aim to provide a comfortable platform for students so that they can consult with online educational consultants in order to get admitted to the best of colleges. Be it an undergraduate (UG) program or a postgraduate (PG) course, whether you want to study in India or abroad; we make things easier for you.

We value education and it is our vision of transforming the education sector of India that has motivated us to come up with this never seen before opportunity. Our goal is to build a transparent portal where students can directly choose their preferred consultant. In return, consultants can offer tailor-made services to those who need them. The transparent flow of data shall benefit both the parties and enable us all, to build that perfect education system that our next generation deserves. Eduethic is a reserve of authentic, reliable and mastermind information regarding numerous institutions, educational courses and thousands of interested students. We plan to bring all the required information under a single roof and also to allow students to take decisions regarding their career. Currently, our database includes the following subjects:

  • Management; Science & Engineering
  • Banking & Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Animation, VFX, Gaming & Comics
  • Hospitality, Aviation & Tourism
  • Media, Films & Mass Communication
  • Design; Medicine, Beauty & Health Care
  • Retail; Arts, Law, Languages & Teaching
  • Test Preparation.

Besides facilitating a favourable educational environment, we aim to make the learning experience for our users a straightforward process. With live sessions organized through the online chatting portal on our website, students of our country would be benefitted the most. We work together with colleges and universities to help build a favourable educational environment.

Our online portal is equipped with a large pool of student data. Now take calculated decisions based on reliable data. Now find your next student and more importantly, choose the best one to sustain your institution's reputation. Now that the data is available for your access, you can choose the right candidate based on your requirements and admit them directly through our online portal. The best part is that you have the full authority to reject any candidate if they don't fulfill your selection criteria. Our portal's algorithm helps you sort out all the disqualified students without the need for manual rejection. We take care of all your operational complexities.

We are here to change the way people get educated and we believe our aim has legitimate reasons to be successful. We are inviting all enthusiasts who wish to be an active part of this epic transformation. We make information accessible to the general population. Come; join hands to be a part of this information revolution.